Selected content management sites

I develop most of my sites using two separate content management systems. One of the systems, Business Catalyst (by Adobe), is an excellent, flexible content management tool that specializes in robust, integrated online stores, and also in complex, database-driven content–including listing content that can be collected from visitors through sophisticated online forms, and then displayed dynamically through categories, geographic location, etc. Also has a robust, built-in e-newsletter management system that rivals Constant Contact, but at a fraction of the cost.

The other tool content management development tool is WordPress. It’s an exceptionally robust, constantly improving platform with 10s of thousands of plugins that allow you to do almost anything you want, from search engine optimization, to slideshows, to integrated Google analytics data, to calendars, to stores …. the list is almost endless. It’s also a stable, constantly improving platform, and a very easy-to-use content management system.

  • Chris Hill Media: My own site is developed in WordPress, with easy to manage slideshows, search engine optimization, responsive design optimized for all devices, robust social media tie-ins.
  • Moving The Self Psychotherapy Center: Developed in WordPress. Fully responsive design, optimized for all platforms. Rotating sidebar images, accordion style FAQs, SEO optimized pages. Blog. Reader comment options. Unlimited capabilities for expansion of tools and services.
  • American Dance Therapy Association: Actively used, robust member management website handling multiple levels of membership and member access, online management of events, content management, and much more. It was developed using a member management service called Wild Apricot.
  • New Century Trust Women’s Service Organization: Content management site for the oldest women’s service organization in the country: home page slideshow, responsive design, dynamically displayed content, integrated calendar and more.
  • Glenfoerd Historic Waterfront Mansion: Content management site with home page slide show, dynamic calendar and more. Responsive site: optimized for desktop, phone and tablet.
  • How to Go Organic: A massive custom-developed, database driven site developed for the Organic Trade Association with thousands of resources for organic businesses and consumers.
  • National Organic Coalition: Content management site with robust resource database, home page slideshow, calendar and responsive design, developed in Business Catalyst.
  • Philly Electric Wheels: Active content management site with dynamically displayed product listings for a bike business in East Mt. Airy, Philadelphia
  • Organic Trade Association: Redesign and redevelopment of large content management site, including redesigned logo.
  • Pennsylvania Farm Link: Database driven site with dynamically displayed content, dynamic calendar, reader-submitted farm and business profiles displayed dynamically by keyword, zip code, google map, and more.