our web development process

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Anyone can slap a set of web pages on the internet. Few can create a web site that is an effective extension of your business or organizational mission—and a critical part of your outreach and service to clients, customers or members.

  • We help you come up with the right voice, style and approach to meeting the needs of your community or customer base on the web.
  • We help you organize your information and services in a way that is easy and intuitive for visitors to access and use.
  • We help you select the appropriate tools and services you need to engage creatively and effectively with your customers, clients, members or target audience.

How do we do that?

  • It starts with initial interviews to gather information and insight so that we can help you clarify your goals and desired outcomes for the web site.
  • We follow with a firm cost proposal that provides a detailed estimate the scope of work and the costs.
  • Once there is agreement on the scope of the web site, a web site name and domain name are agreed upon and registered (if that hasn’t been done yet), followed by a simple contract that outlines mutual roles and responsibilities.
  • Initial mock-ups are designed showing the proposed structure, navigation, look and feel of the site. These are revised and refined based on your feedback.
  • Next, site development begins, including development of all agreed upon tools and features.
  • Training is provided in use of the content management system, web editor or other tools, such as email newsletters or photo galleries.